Welcome to Precious Nuts

My name is Dennis Rosenstierne

Thank you for taking the time to drop by my little shop


I am a new selfmade Danish jewelry designer with a big passion for multifunctionality and simple design. I simply love when the things I own can do more than one thing and serve more than one purpose, so why not create a multifunctional jewelry collection that can do a bit more than traditional jewelry, but without having to compromise with the quality.

Things that can do more or have more features have the potential to open up creativity and find the child in us all, so with my jewelery it is my hope that people will open up for their creativity and the child inside, but also enjoy the idea that it does not always have to be an expensive solution like “one of each” now that jewelry from Precious Nuts can give you many more options and expressions with a single piece of jewelry just by using creativity and a bit of imagination.

Before I threw myself into jewelry design, I, like most people, was also and still are very fond of jewelry, despite the fact that I was more the kind of guy who bought the jewelery while others had the pleasure of wearing them.

Jewelry can do something very special and no occasion is too small for jewelry. There are 365 days in a year and everyone has their own very special reason for either wearing jewelry or buying a piece of jewelry for themselves or a very special person in their lives-the last mentioned has mostly been my occasion.

Like the happy married man that I am, all 365 days of the year is a special occasion and I wish I could write that the woman in my life got a piece of jewelry every day, but she does not, on the other hand, I show her and tell her every single day that I love her and the very best part is that she has it exactly the same way.

As a new entrepreneur, there are sometimes a long way between the little gifts for Mrs. Rosenstierne, on the other hand, through her status as the woman in my life, she has got all the rings, earrings and pendants with all the associated Nuts from my collection found in the webshop at her disposal. With the many combinations and options available in the Precious Nut collection, she should definitely be employed for a very long time to come. To my surprise she has made it a solid night ritual before going to bed – to sit down and build tomorrow’s expression on her jewelry so that they are ready when she goes out the door the following morning. I enjoy watching her dedication and the expression she has while she is sitting there and enjoying her jewelry – which confirms that I must have done something right in more than one way.

Precious Nuts do not have a pink fairytale story that tells you how the jewelry were bathed in holy waters, or held up for the stars for 48 hours to create some kind of magical energy.

Precious Nuts are created from an idea of ​​doing things differently and in a new way, so with creativity, design and sustainability as important keywords all rolled into a good deal of old-fashioned common sense, I actually succeed in coming up with a jewelry collection that collects all four keywords in my jewelry.


  • The design is inspired by today’s metropolitan expression and the many new buildings that pops up all over the city. In their early stages, they are only large square iron skeletons bolted together with large nuts later to become large streamlined glass boxes with people inside sitting at their square desk in their square office and drawing even more square buildings. When I look out of my kitchen window or go out for a walk in my city, that’s the view that meets me, so the design on my base jewelry is naturally made sharp and edged in its expression, but to create a contrast to the very sharp and edged expression, most of the Nuts that I design as accessories will always add to the jewelry, a more graphic expression, more elegantly or create a more soft and curved expression to break down the sharpe lines and give you a more feminine expression if that is what your looking for. What it means is that the design and the whole concept in its entirety makes it possible for you to go in any direction that suits you best, the choice is yours.


  • The sustainability is expressed in the choice of materials that are based exclusively on recycled precious metals, but where the sustainability really shines through is when you start playing with the jewelry and see the many different possibilities and expressions a single piece of jewelry can give you just by changing between the many Nuts that fit in all the base jewelry. Because you only have one piece of base jewelery and in the future only need to buy Nuts as decorations for your jewelry, you can save up to 80% on both precious metal and money whenever you want to change the expression on your jewelry and that’s what you call sustainability.


  • The creativity is probably that part of the whole process that has been and still is the funniest process to deal with, but also the part that has given me the most challenges and many sleepless nights. Because although I’ve always had a clear sense of how the entire collection should look like and how it should work, I just have to admit that sometimes there is a long way from clear sense to finished product. The biggest creative challenge of using only precious metal has obviously been to come up with a all around lock solution and how to get one piece of silver to stick to another piece of silver and then be able to remove the two parts from each other again and again without the lock function losing its strength. One logical solution would be the thread and screw solution, but because precious metal is a soft material, this will result in the thread becoming sluggish and rattle around and eventually falling apart, which is not an option.
    I refuse to make jewelry in steel and call them jewelry, even though steel would quickly solve my locking challenge by using the thread and screw model. If I want people to actually pay for my jewelry, they must at least be made of precious metal, and it may be that others think something else and that’s fair enough, but now you know my thoughts in that area.