Finding your ring size


When you buy a ring from Precious Nuts you come to a point where you have to choose what size your ring should have.

Whichever finger you want to wear your new ring on it may not sit too loose or too tight – it should fit perfectly to your finger and it should be comfortable to wear.

The way we determine the ring size around the world can be very different, some use letters and other user units as inches, etc. but here in Denmark and parts of Europe, we measure ring size the logical way which is your finger circumference in millimeters, if your finger is 56 millimeters in circumference, you must have a ring in size 56.

Here at Precious Nuts we should not tell you how to measure your ring size, but we do recommend that no matter which method you choose to measure with, please measure at least twice and preferably with two different methods of measurement to be sure of the result which in the end should show the same number.

There are a myriad of methods on the internet which accurately describes how you can measure your ring size, but if we have to recommend one over another it must be a digital caliper and one of your old rings that fit you, it is a good and safe way to find the size by measuring the inner diameter of the ring and multiply by 3.14

(Ex. 17,20 mm x 3.14 = 54 mm.) Size 54
You can see our ring sizes and their inner diameter at the bottom op this page.

If you do not have a digital caliper you can also use a ruler just remember to get the ½ and ¼ millimeter as well when you measure the inner diameter.

Important detail

When you measure your fingers, it is important that you feel that your fingers have a normal temperature as warm fingers can seem more swollen and thick while cold fingers may seem small and thin.

The width of the ring is also important.
The sizes we use is based on a little shine up to a width of 3 mm. If it fills up more on the finger ex. 5 – 10 mm in wide, then you are likely to go up a size or two.

Our ring sizes have the following objectives:

SingleNut Ring

Size. 50,0 = Dia 15,92 mm.

Size. 53,0 = Dia 17,10 mm.

Size. 54,0 = Dia 17,40 mm.

Size. 56,0 = Dia 17,80 mm.

Size. 58,0 = Dia 18,40 mm.

FullNut Ring

Size. 52,0 = Dia 16,50 mm.

Size. 53,0 = Dia 17,10 mm.

Size. 55,0 = Dia 17,50 mm.

Size. 56,0 = Dia 17,80 mm.

Size. 58,0 = Dia 18,60 mm.